Ocular disease care

Complete Disease Care

Our offices offer complete ocular disease based care.  We offer all ocular testing necessary for the management of glaucoma, diabetes and macular degeneration.   This testing includes Optical Coherence Tomography, complete dilated exams, fundus photography, Goldmann tonometry, and visual fields to monitor visual changes.  Our Biophotonic scanner allows us to monitor macular carotenoid levels.  Crabtree and Merriman offers disease based care at all four locations.


Our visual fields at all four locations allow us to monitor even subtle changes in your vision!  This technology helps provide early diagnosis of glaucoma so we can treat as early as possible.  Our visual fields also give us the capability of testing for tumors, post-stroke/trauma damage, possible optic nerve head damage, ptosis for those who may be interested in eyelid surgery and much more!


Our OCT allows for incredible 3D scans of the macula and optic nerve head to allow for better overall ocular care.  The ability to scan the back of the eye allows for early detection of glaucoma, diabetes, macular degeneration and many other diseases of the eye. 

Our scope of practice has broadened greatly beyond just glasses and contacts. Trust us today with you and your family’s overall ocular eye health.

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