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Our names are Dr. Trevor Crabtree and Dr. Jessie Crabtree.  Dr Trevor Crabtree has been in private practice in southern Illinois for over 30 years. I have performed ocular scans to measure macular pigment for probably around 15 years.  Patients have been very receptive to taking carotenoid based macular supplements to protect against macular degeneration.  As a matter of fact, over the last few years I have dispensed cases of supplements every month.  But what I have found is that a significant portion of the population needs more than that.  When measured properly, the truth is that most people are just not where they should be nutritionally.  
That’s what originally caught my attention the first time I saw the Pharmanex Biophotonic Scanner. This device was originally developed at The Univ of Utah to study the effects of carotenoids on macular degen. This Nobel prize winning technology has undergone numerous peer reviews and its science is beyond reproach. As the technology progressed researches found that a much more reliable way to measure carotenoid levels was through the soft tissue of the skin.  This has even proven to be more reliable than serum test since carotenoids are deposited in the skin over several months.  Its like the A1C of your carotenoid levels.  I find this scan to be much more reliable than any of the subjective scans I have used in the past.  And since the skin measurement has been shown to correlate with macular carotenoid levels, practitioners can now utilize this revolutionary technology as an integral part of their carotenoid based macular degeneration management. But something even more significant is going on here.  We have the ability to measure all of the carotenoids in our body which serve as the backbone of our antioxidant network.   This measurement therefor serves essentially as a biomarker of our nutritional well being. 
Recent studies have shown tremendous benefits to maintaining appropriate carotenoid/antioxidant levels in our body.  Doing so can provide needed defense against diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, cognitive decline and many other issues.  But even beyond that patients understand that it just makes sense that if carotenoids (lutein..zeazanthin) are good for the eye….they must also be good for the rest of our body. That connection is just one way Pharmanex separates itself from any other company in the world.  Its carotenoid based nutritional formulas are pharmaceutical grade and actually listed in Physicians Desk Reference or PDR while at the same time being the first Nutraceutical company to be endorsed by the US Olympic team .  As a matter of fact their formulas are so effective that the company actually guarantees an improvement in the patients score or they give them their money back.  No one else does that. Patients are thrilled to learn that you can actually retest them 1/month and prove that what they are doing is actually working. They are relieved to finally have the highest quality supplement available and proof that it is truly making a difference. They are relieved because most people know that we as a society simply fall short when it comes to our nutritional well being.  Whether as a result of what we eat..how we eat..stress..lack of exercise..the way foods are processed….there are many reasons why most of us are not as fit as we should be but at least from a nutritional standpoint we can now make a difference. 
Most Americans know that they really should consume 8-10 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. They really need to take time out of their day to go to the store…buy all the needed fruits and vegetables…prepare them,,,and finally consume them throughout the day.  But since that scenario is totally unrealistic for most people…what if we begin to educate our patients about alternative ways to provide their body with the same nutritional value for as little as $2/day.   
That is what we do here in our office and in the 30 plus years I have been in practice patients have never appreciated anything more than they do the opportunity to participate in this nutritional program.  The way the program works in our office is very simple.  Unless otherwise indicated every patient is tested.  After this scan which takes about 30 secs the staff member records the patients score on their nutritional pamphlet and places it in their chart.  I then discuss the findings with the patient immediately upon entering the exam room.  If their reading is lower than it should be, I discuss how they can improve their score using one of the quality nutritional programs offered by Pharmanex.  After I discuss a couple of options I feel are best for them I simply suggest that the patient choose the program best suited for themselves and the staff member will then fill out the order form and fax it in to Pharmanex so that the supplements can be mailed directly to the patient’s home.  It’s that simple.  After 60 days I sched the patient for a rescan to show them that their supplements are indeed working.  I also inform the patient that I am happy to rescan them once a month for free so that they can see their scores improve over time. The number one reason that every practitioner should offer this program is because of the tremendous health benefits it extends to our patients.  This program is perfectly designed for our profession.  We can utilize this revolutionary technology as an integral part of our macular degeneration management while at the same time enhancing the overall nutritional well being of our patients.
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Trevor Crabtree O.D.
Jessie Crabtree O.D.

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